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List of social networking sites for dating

Orkut is a free social networking website where you can create a profile, connect with friends, maintain an online scrapbook and use site features and applications to share your interests and meet others. MyLife searches the web to deliver accurate and timely results. Follow Sorav Jain on Twitter. MillatFacebook is a Muslim-oriented social networking website. Mixi is primarily for Japanese.

List of social networking sites for dating

In , myYearbook donated money to the Haiti Relief Fund to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The prerequisite for logging on to Orkut is that the user must be over 18 years old. Nevertheless, it claims to be the most popular networking site in Poland, and therefore, has found its niche in the competitive social networking space. You can access and register directly or be invited by a friend to join Tagged. It is gaining popularity in emerging markets like Russia and Brazil. I will soon revamp the list and take your suggestions into consideration. The radar and check-in to nearby locations features lets you see other Tingle members who are in your area. Tuenti is also available as an iPhone App. The list is tentative. However, it is not one of the popular sites in the United States. LinkedIn is an online social network for business professionals, which is designed specifically for professional networking, to help them find a job, discover sales leads, connect with potential business partners. Since then, it's grown and evolved as a site operating under the principles of Web 2. The target audience for Kaixin's, are typically white-collar middle class who come from a first tier city. MyLife suggests friends and contacts you may know based on your profile information and existing contacts. It also intimates you when someone else is looking for you. Hi5 shares many similarities with many social network sites; however, it introduces some twists that make it worthwhile for people who love trying out new and interesting online communities. Netlog is localized in over 25 languages, to enable users from around the world to access the network. It was designed as a place to connect with friends, family, colleagues and new friends over the Internet. Tuenti is an invitation-only private social networking website. MyLife can search over 60 social-networking sites and other information resources on the Web. The site is an invite-only website, where a user can provide personal information. Wer-kennt-wen, is one of the most popular social networking website in Germany. IRC-Galleria is popular within the age group of Many other utilities, such as the ability to create events, are also offered. A user's network is made up of their direct contacts, as well as others who are closely connected to them through their first-degree relationships. Lunch Money is also donated by members to their favourite charity. The site provides the user to write blogs, chat with friends, and write in their guestbook.

List of social networking sites for dating

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