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[HyukRi] Eunhyuk will not reveal that he is dating.

Eunhyuk and gyuri dating

Choi soo-young is the full name of south Korean singer Sooyoung. He thinks that voluble type girl is enough to ruin his life. That means that ideal girl must be cute. She argued, "I have high standards! Requested the fans not to overact on the gossips which was spreading at that time. He concentrated more on debut and stage shows. They were not in touch again for a long time. He also said that the girl must have some glamour that will appeal him.

Eunhyuk and gyuri dating

Would Gyuri mention netizens comments about her and Eunhyuk if she didn't want them to be paired? But in some interview he also claims that he is a big fan of actress Kim Bomi. Sometime Eunhyuk seemed to be easily lied. Some Fans said that they had love at first sight. Soon before the release of Bonamana he was diagnosed for H1N1 infleunza he was pulled out of it for a while and later joined with the crew again. Apart from dating in a recent interview he had shared his ideal situation for love propose. Actually it was not public but it was confirmed when she uploaded a private photo in social media. Atlast she delivered the statement to put an end to this issue. Eunhyuk also said that they are chatting between them secretly. Their first debut was withheld due to some reasons. It was done by mistake but by the time she could get back the photo it was reposted by her followers. Gyuri was one of the top three choices, and this idea made the goddess fight back. Fans also supported his relationship with Sooyoung. They were posting bad comments against IU in social media. In a celebrity show Eunhyuk acknowledged that they are dating from the hosting of a music program. The news says they were dating for many years but their relationship was broken naturally. How he thinks about marriage Eunhyuk said in a reality show that,he is not on the support of anti-marriage activity, but he prefers relationship rather than marriage since he got hurted by the rumour spread regarding the marriage and pregnancy of IU. Choi soo-young is the full name of south Korean singer Sooyoung. He also remembered some good memories of the training day. By this way he can exhibit his trust to her. He also said he will marry only when he find any girl who resembles his ideal type. The topic of the day was about 'dating', and the four idols seemed to share a lot about the topic. They broke up after 2 years of relationship. Sometimes,Eunhyuk also said about her bright smile. Later on in the conversation, Leeteuk mentioned that Eunhyuk and Jiyoung are wearing the same style of clothing, to which made the two laugh. Honestly, I'm just waiting for MBC to set her up in this show because she'd be perfect a different but entertaining choice.

Eunhyuk and gyuri dating

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    NA was the trainee of Cube Entertainment. The topic of the day was about 'dating', and the four idols seemed to share a lot about the topic.

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