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DATING QUESTION: You have a hot neighbor. To date or not to date?

Dating neighbor bad idea

He likely has the same feelings. When you date a neighbor, you accept the likely possibility the relationship will eventually conclude in a whirlwind of hate, possibly amidst viciousness and cruelty. Of course, that could be the reason you had to move in the first place. Ideally, the ex will vanish after the breakup. If you do not have the same ideas about independence and personal space, there will be trouble. Fly below the radar at least for the first few months. Her second-floor apartment shared a back porch with her boyfriend's apartment. This happened to me because I dated a neighbor. Find a chatty Cathy who keeps up with every Jones in the neighborhood and is willing to dish the dirt without asking you to divulge too much personal information about your own situation.

Dating neighbor bad idea

No over night bags, ever! She did not make eye contact. Do you really want to worry about how you look every time you leave the house? What might happen if you stop dating and one of you is bringing someone else home regularly? According to Chapman, a major disadvantage of dating neighbors is that you lose your privacy. Suppose the object of your attention is the neighbor-hoe who has already schtupped half the block? I mean, this is beyond convenient. I am a character in a movie in which this is happening. Personally, I like to imagine all my exes moved to a different plane of existence, somewhere boring and joyless, but the neighbor ex, you can hear her having parties and laughing through the wall. Stambach loved the convenience of being able to walk downstairs whenever she wanted to see her beau, and it was a comfort to know that she had someone close by if she needed help on anything. You can work the kinks out as friends and establish boundaries that can be reinforced if you start dating later," Chapman said. Her second-floor apartment shared a back porch with her boyfriend's apartment. We ended up dating for three years, but it would have much shorter if I had not moved. Be very candid with your concerns. I can throw rocks in his window from my door and hit him in his bed. The privacy issue Like Stambach, Chapman said proximity can be a plus because it gives you greater access to your loved one, which makes it possible to get to know that person better. My friend was a nice person, so for me the breakup worked out OK," she said. Do you really like your alone time? Take out your trash, do your laundry, and maybe you will run into a special man in the process. Then, bam, you spot said neighbor staring at you from across the hall. Set some ground rules. By Gwendolyn Glenn There are advantages to being able to see someone without driving, but the proximity might also sour a relationship. You are both adults, and you will handle yourselves well…hopefully. Weigh the risks vs. Is dating your neighbor convenient or just a bad idea? Make it lighthearted, not scary. A Maryland apartment dweller who did not want her name used said she once dated a man who lived next door.

Dating neighbor bad idea

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