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Tradition in Uganda

Dating customs in uganda

The next step is for him to gather the bride price and they set the introduction ceremony date. The master chooses a particular student who shows qualities desired for that practice and teaches the student in a hands-on manner. If the girl is from different areas the bride price could be five cows or as many as a hundred for the girls who come from the north. This article appeared in the April 23, issue of the Hatchet. An example could be seen by the existence of the so-called witch doctors. Girls here work hard so when a woman leaves her family there is a gap in the help and the family will use this as a bargaining tool to get a higher bride price. The Ugandan dating scene is full of nuances.

Dating customs in uganda

Conversations with newly arrived expats are no different, turning very quickly to enquiries as to whether you have brought your family with you. Cows in this country are the standard for measuring wealth. In Uganda, introducing someone to your parents means you want to marry them. The thing he assured me is that he will only have three children and one wife because he is Christian and he wants to be a good provider and not have his children struggle as much as he did growing up. This article appeared in the April 23, issue of the Hatchet. It is almost unheard of for a man in the south to marry a girl in the north for this reason. So, when a young man and her father agree on the price the engagement is set. In one of the local languages, Luganda, the word for love, like and want is the same: They are committed to having a Christian marriage where their relationship is fashioned after what God says about being a family in the bible. The father raises a daughter here expecting a bride price to be paid when she is given away. This is meant to keep her faithful to her husband. He arrives with the cow on a rope behind him and hands it over to the father as a symbol of promise to replace the precious loss the family will endure. We call that meddling they call it fair. Despite the ceremony being a very colourful one, it is probably one of the longest, demanding and the most tiring time for the newlyweds. Many will ask for a cow, a goat and some chickens. It was obvious by his look that I am on a hiding to nothing. It is considered a rite of passage for a woman and one cannot be married without going through the practice. I love the joy in this father's face as he holds his child. Here is my number, Michael. Her family hosts the wedding event. When he went home and told his father he was beaten and chased away. The introduction is usally a month before the actual wedding and it is as formal as the wedding where everyone is dressed in traditional Ugandan attire. Here is a good example of a Ugandan cow. In fact, if Ugandans want to get engaged, they tell their auntie about their significant other. During the ceremony in June she will move the ring over to her ring finger.

Dating customs in uganda

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