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Baseball Star Kris Bryant Pranks a College Team as ‘The Transfer’

Actresses dating baseball players

She took a leave of absence from professional golf in to focus on family. From the professional athletes to the reality television stars to the models, the hottest baseball WAGs is reason alone for most men to achieve their childhood dreams of joining the majors. The couple are both Venezuelan, and Nina has a degree in Bio analytics. Talk about a Holiday Romance. They have only been married since November, so are proper newlyweds, and look every inch the part! They now have three kids, and are totally adorable together. They are the only team that he has ever played for, since his career started.

Actresses dating baseball players

She was on the hit show, Survivor: Her husband, Casey Daigle, would probably strike out if he faced her. In , Diana and Brian Roberts welcomed their first son into the world, who they named Jax Isaacs aww. She even won three Olympic gold medals. She has been with Philadelphia Phillies star Clay Buchholz since , and they got married only months later. Eventually, Pete messed around so much with the integrity of the game by making bets for and against himself, even throwing the World Series for financial gain that he was barred from playing in the major leagues for the rest of his career. During Clayton Kershaw's first no-hitter in , an usher unsuccessfully tried to halt her celebration. Michael Buckner, Getty Images for Elle They are both religious Christians, living in the town of Franklin in Tennessee, with three children together. They now have three kids, and are totally adorable together. Not only that, but Johnny Damon was married once before, and had twins with his first wife. Before she got married, she made her man proud by telling sportscaster Dan Patrick that she was hoping for a World Series Ring over a Diamond engagement ring! The former second baseman played with the Baltimore Orioles for 12 years, before playing his final season with the New York Yankees in Shares Hollywood stars who have aged really well. Hervieux is a model and the sister of Valerie Gagne another MLB star , along with also having a few small acting roles over the years. Similar to the hottest basketball wives and girlfriends, many of the lovely ladies featured on this list are reality television stars in a series chronicling the life of being married to, dating or divorced from a professional baseball player. Boy meets girl when they are Freshmen, and nine years later, he pops the question! Heidi Hamels, wife to Cole Hamels, appeared on the wildly popular show "Survivor. Wilson's Brazilian bombshell wife Lisalla Montenegro told Maxim that she usually has marathon gym sessions. But it was a Baseball hero who won her heart, after a long courting period while LaForce insisted she did not want to date an athlete! One of the most solid MLB partnerships, the couple have been together more than 15 years as husband and wife. The couple have two kids together, both daughters, named Briana and Suil Angelina. Tragically, Anibal lost a three month old son with his first wife, which likely led to the breakdown of their relationship. Shares See the best news pictures from around the world. Unfortunately, the pair have since split, and Lima has been linked to Edelman once again. Before getting hitched, Clubine was a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal.

Actresses dating baseball players

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